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Are you eager to write one or one more guest post for our ever-green and consistently growing website, The Spruce Kitchen? If you are eager, we warmly welcome you. 

We are currently accepting guest posts from passionate new and expert writers and bloggers worldwide depending on the below’s given subjects and conditions. 

Our website can be one of the best choice and best plate forms for sharing your gathered experiences, knowledge, and ideas on below’s mentioned topics with a wide range of audiences through writing guest posts for our website besides your own websites or blogs.

If you write for us, we will give permanent do-follow links to your website from our website. And also, we will work with you together to boost up your website’s SEO. 

Keep reading until the end to learn everything in detail.

The Topics That We Are Presently Interested In:

We are presently accepting guest posts on the below’s given topics:

  • Any kinds of popular, attractive, healthy, nutritious, unique food recipes.
  • Reviews on kitchen appliances, home appliances, and grocery products.
  • Reviews on kitchen appliances replacement parts and accessories, kitchen decor accessories, cookware sets, and bakeware.
  • Reviews on dishwasher, washer and dryer, dinner set, and any products related to home, kitchen, and cooking.
  • Informative article about kitchen appliances, home appliances, bakeware, cookware sets, kitchen decor accessories, cooking, health, nutrition, and other culinary subjects.
  • Funny stories about any people’s most liked food conquests.
  • History of any kitchen, home, and grocery product, product manufacturer’s brand, brand founder, and special foods.

The Topics That We Are Not Never Ever Interested In:

  • Sexual
  • Objectionable
  • Offensive
  •  Bitcoin
  •  Casino
  •  CBD
  • Apps
  •  Drugs
  • Racism
  • Religious
  •  Games and Sports
  • Political
  • Traveling
  • Gift Idea, clothing, shoes, and pharmacy
  • Fashion, Beauty, and jewelry
  • Gardening, arts, and books

The Conditions That You Have To Follow To Write Guest Post For Us:

If you really want to write guest posts for our website, The Spruce Kitchen, you have to follow and apply our given the following conditions strictly in your articles.

If you can follow and apply the following given conditions in your articles completely, then we will select your article to post on our website; otherwise, we will not select your article to post on our website.

  • Your article must be in high-quality easy English language and must be above-mentioned topics relevant.
  • The main keywords must be low or medium competitive.
  • The Articles must be well researched, readable, user-friendly, meaningful, and 100% SEO optimized.
  • The Articles must be informative, 100% unique, and plagiarism-free. We will check your articles manually and via the Copyscape tool.
  • You have to explain every part of your articles for the general audience. And you have to avoid unnecessary words, lines, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and more in the articles.
  • Your articles must be 100% grammatical-error-free. We will review your articles with the Premium Grammarly Checker tool.
  • The words of the articles must be easy words and common everyday words. The articles’ must-have high readability scores.
  • The articles must be more than 1000 words, and the sentences must be written in present tense and active voice. Also, the narrator of the articles must be the first person singular number or first-person plural number.
  • You have to use short paragraphs as much as possible (highest 3-5 sentences in each paragraph).  
  • You have to add at least two topic-relevant images in every 1000 words of an article.
  •  You have to give your articles with eye-catching titles and the main keyword must-have in the titles.
  • You have to use LSI keywords and subheadings naturally in the articles as much as possible. And also, you have to keep the main keyword in every subheading if possible.
  • We will edit, shorten, change or modify your articles if requires. And we have that right.


You have to keep your tone natural, neutral, positive, funny, inclusive, and comprehensive from the first word to the last word in your article. You can check read our previously posted articles on our website to get a clear idea about tone.

Important Note:

If you agree with our above-mentioned conditions and can completely follow and apply them in your articles, then we will select your articles to publish on our website. And we will give permanent do-follow links to your website from our website (Negotiable).

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