Oster 10 Speed Blender Review 450 and Buying Guide

Blender is an essential part of an ultra-modern kitchen. Mostly it is a ubiquitous and vital kitchen appliance for different types of drinks lovers. Every man wants to blend & chop different kinds of ingredients easily and shortly through a blender, but most of them fail to do that. Since, they often make the mistake of buying the best and perfect blender.

There are many blenders in the market with various types & different types of features. But to be happy with a blender service, you should buy the blender after knowing that blender’s all features, pros, and cons. In short, you have to know A-Z in detail about this blender.

In this article, you will find everything about Oster 6706 6-Cup 450-Watt, 10-Speed Blender that you need to look at before buying this blender.

Osterizer 10-Speed Blender Review in 2020

What we like

  • Perfect for Blending
  • Perfect for mixing and grinding
  • 6-Cup Jar
  • Stainless Steel “Ice crusher” Blades
  • Durable all-metal drive system
  • Reasonable priced
  • High-quality design
  • Dishwasher-safe Pitcher
  • 10 years warranty
  • 10-speed settings for versatility
  • High-powered motor and break-resistant
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
  • Large-capacity

What we don’t like

  • Plastic Pitcher
  • The power cable is a little bit small.


Customer review

Blender Type

Countertop Blender







Product Length

10.2 inches

Product Weighs

1 pound

Product Height

12.8 inches




10 years

Why is worth considering:

This blender is made by Oster, and It too comes with a lot of facilities. With these facilities’ help, you can make different types of healthy recipes and drinks comfortably and efficiently. Making smoothies, sauces, soups, chopping various kinds of food ingredients and crushing ice, etc. is possible with the help of these powerful and durable Oster6706 6-cups, 450 watt, 10-speed blender.

This blender comes with durable all-metal drive system, Plastic jar, 10-years extended warranty features including easy cleaning, operate, BPA free, large capacity, 6-cups, lightweight features. Also, this Oster 6706 6-cups 450 Watts, 10-Speed blender comes with dishwasher safe, 450 Watt powerful motor, and Stainless steel Ice-crusher blades features.

All the features of this blender work perfectly. Your work will be boosted with the help of this beautiful, effective, well-designed, and constructed Oster6706 10-speed blender.

The customer reviews of this blender are positive. Most of the users gave a positive idea about the performances of this blender from their using experience. This blender achieved a 4.5 rating out of 5, which was given by this blender user.

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Oster 10 Speed Blender Important features

Oster6706 6-Cup 450 Watt, 10-Speed blender comes with some outstanding, mind-blowing feature that you have to know before buying this blender. In the below, we have explained some essential features. If you know these features, your work speed will boost, and you can save your valuable time.

10-speed option:

With the 10-speed feature, you can blend and chop different food ingredients in an appropriate pitch. You can increase the speed and decrease the speed at the time of blending. You have to grow the speed if you want to boost up productivity. This 10-speed feature will greatly help you in the blending and mixing of all the ingredients perfect consistency.

Mixing Jar holds 6 cups:

This is a unique feature of an Oster 6706 6-Cups 450-Watt, 10-speed blender. This feature will make you much happier.  With the help of this feature, you can make many drinks at a time. Also, it will help you to blend different types of recipes at once. When you will blend different types of recipes at a time, you will not need to remove one ingredient to add another one.  

Stainless Steel Blades:

The interesting thing about the Oster6706 6-Cups 10-Speed blender is stainless steel Ice-crusher blades. This stainless steel ice-crusher blade will help you to crush cubed ice easily and perfectly. These blades’ extreme crushing power will help you blend solid or dry items easily and appropriately. You can make smooth drinks any time with this ice-crusher blade. This blade also plays a vital role in the durability as well as the performance of the blade.

Powerful 450 Watt Motor:

This blender comes with a 450-watt powerful motor, including the 10-speed drive. Can you think how powerful the blender is! You can blend different types of food ingredients and make smooth drinks perfectly through this powerful blender. It has the capacity of chopping food ingredients by itself. The motor of the blender is very durable and has a 10-years long warranty.

With the 10-speed drive, you can control the consistency of your selected food ingredients.

BPA Free plastic jar:

Oster 10-Speed blender has BPA free feature. BPA means “Bisphenol A”. This is an organic item that plays an adverse impact on the human body. It creates many serious diseases like cancer, heart diseases & infertility, etc. If you have an Oster 10-Speed blender or plan to buy an “Oster 10-Speed blender, you nothing to be worried since this blender is BPA free. It also has a dishwasher safe features, and it is easy to remove that will make you so much happy.

Easy-clean feature:

This blender is made from plastic; that is why it is straightforward to clean and remove. Many people use a steel jar blender. They often face problems to clean their blender because cleaning a steel jar blender is more complicated than a plastic jar blender. Also, a plastic jar blender is dishwasher safe, and anyone can easily clean its all parts. 

Durable all-metal drive system:

The Oster 10-Speed blender has a durable all-metal drive system feature. This feature mainly assures the guaranty of lasting quality & performance. This all-metal drive system feature helps you crush ice, blend recipes or grind coffee bean or nuts. Also, you can use it for chopping food ingredients or making a cake batter. This feature resists wearing for more extended durability, unwanted power off & short circuit.

What things should you abide by when you use this blender?

  • Clean it after use and before use.
  • Use it in the high-voltage power supply.
  • Blend every type of solid ingredients with great care.
  • Never try to blend 6 more cubes of ice at a time.
  • Always keep the blender in a safe place.
  • Assemble the blender parts according to instruction.

Why people like Oster6706 6-Cups 450 Watt 10-Speed Blender?

People like this blender for its unique features. This blender machine is perfect for making smoothies, soups, different types of drinks, sauces, etc. With this blender’s help, every people can make ice-cones, shakes, and much more healthy recipes every day easily and comfortably. It helps people with their meals & snacks.

Grinding coffee beans, pureeing different types of vegetables, making salads, and chunk-free smoothies or shakes is easy and relatively comfortable with this blender.

People can clean it easily. It is plastic jar, all-metal drive system, Ice-crushed blades features give people good service. Also, this blender lasts for a long time, and it is very easy to operate. The price of this blender is reasonable, and it takes up a small space in the kitchen countertop.

Final verdict

We are optimistic that you have known some important things about the Oster6706 10-speed blender. Whatever there are many more features that have this blender, but they are not explained here.

This blender is becoming more and more popular among the drinks lovers because of its awesome features. This blender has great positive customer reviews. Plastic jar, Ice crushed blades, All-metal drive system, BPA free features have made this blender exceptional than any other blender in the market.

Using an Oster6706 10-Speed blender, you will be able to boost up your work speed. Also, you will be able to blend and chop different types of food ingredients quickly and comfortably.

 So, if you want to purchase a perfect blender that comes with some exceptional features, we will cordially recommend you to buy an Oster6706 6-cup 450-Watt, 10-speed Blender.  Adding this kitchen appliance in your kitchen will be a great addition to your favorite kitchen. It will take up a small space in your kitchen.

Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Can I use Oster 6706 6-Cups 450-Watt 10 Speed blenders to puree vegetables?

Yes, you can easily and comfortably puree different types of food ingredients within a short time with Oster6706 6-cups 450-watt, 10-Speed blender.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, this blender is easy to clean, and the plastic jar of this blender is dishwasher safe.

Where to buy Oster 6706 6-Cups 450-Watt 10-Speed Blender?

You can buy this blender in many kitchen appliances’ shop. You can also buy it online. We think buying it on Amazon will be best for you. There you will find some discounts and extra facilities.

How much the blender does weigh?

This blender is lightweight. In weighs, it is 1 pound.

How long can this blenders run without to be reset?

It can run at least an hour without resetting this blender.

Is it BPA free?

Yes, it is BPA free.

What’s in an Oster 6706 6-cup, 450-watt10 Blender Box?

  • The Osterizer 10-speed blender manual
  • The Lid
  • The Base
  • The machine with a switchboard.
78 / 100

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