LG vs Samsung Washing Machine, Which is Better?

This article provides a detailed comparison between LG vs Samsung washing machines. The purpose is to help you make a perfect choice based on price, technologies, brand value, and functions.

Both LG and Samsung are famous brands in the home appliance industry. Many people usually choose these brands without doubt. All the products from these brands are high-quality and durable.

But washing machines from these brands come with varying features, technologies, and varieties. Getting to know the pros and cons of each washing machine brand is crucial before making any purchase. Let’s find out more:

Built Quality

Washing machines from LG and Samsung have a reputation of superior built quality. The premium built quality is the reason behind their popularity and durability.

These washing machines have rust-proof body materials to enhance longevity. Besides that, they are available in premium stainless steel with waterproof panels for a better washing experience.


Both Samsung and LG washing machines are readily available in many countries. The close proximity to the customers makes these companies offer incredible services.

The ultimate user experiences have made LG and Samsung have a larger market share than their competitors in the appliance industry.

About LG Company

It is a South Korean Multinational Company established in 1958. The LG group offers electronics, home, and kitchen appliances.

Some of the products offered by LG are televisions, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, and many other electronics.

LG is among the leading brands in creating high-quality and durable washing machines. These appliances are equipped with advanced features to enhance high performance.

LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor

LG washing machines come with premium technologies to enhance efficiency and high performance. These technological features foster better washing experience among the users.

One of my favorite features is the direct connection of the motor with the drum. It helps to facilitate stable performance by producing less noise and vibrations.

Besides that, the inverter direct drive motor consumes less energy. The design saves on electricity bills and maintenance expenses.

Turbo Wash

The LG feature provides water sprays to rinse clothes more effectively for better results. Besides that, it helps to take less time when washing the clothes.

6 Motion

LG washing machines have six drum motions for effective cleaning of clothes. Combination of stepping, swinging, tumbling, rolling, scrubbing and filtration brings better results.

The six motion technology rotates the drum in several directions after selecting the wash program. The cloth fabrics are given proper care by offering ultra clean services.

Steam Wash

The LG washing machine generates steam throughout the wash cycle to remove stubborn stains and dirt from your allergen clothes. The steam in the washer guarantees a high level of hygiene.

Smart Diagnosis

The LG washing machine has a ThinQ Phone program that facilitates a quick diagnosis in case of a minor error. The diagnosis mechanisms help to prevent minor issues from becoming big.

Remote Operation

The washing machine has both ThinQ and Wifi features for making life easier. These advanced features allow users to control the machine from a remote area.

You can undertake the laundry task with a download cycle of about 20 in a more efficient and effective way with the press of a button.

LG Washer and Dryer Pros


The LG washing machine is slightly cheaper than Samsung. The advanced features and premium built quality is worth the value of your money.

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The washing machine comes in different sizes. But most of them have compact designs to facilitate easy transportation and storage.

Less Vibration

The washer and dryer has a drive motor connected directly to the drum. The design helps to maintain stable performance while producing less vibrations and noise.

LG Washer and Dryer Cons

Color Options

The LG washing machines are available in stainless steel colors only. The customers have limited color options that suit their preferences and tastes.

No Allergen Cycle

The washing machine lacks the anti-allergen cycle function. It becomes challenging to remove allergens from the fabrics. It is not an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

About Samsung Company

It is another South Korean Multinational conglomerate with headquarters in Seoul. It is also the largest South Korean business conglomerate founded in 1938.

Lee Byung-Chul is the guy behind the discovery of the Samsung brand. The company has been in the industry for over seven decades.

Samsung Corporation has an incredible reputation when it comes to electronics, home and kitchen appliances.

Samsung washing machines have superior quality and offer high performance. It is the possible reason behind the high demand in the market.

Besides that, the Samsung washer and dryer is more affordable than the LG washing machine. But this has nothing to do with low-quality and compromised washing experience.

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor

The digital inverter motor for Samsung washing machines are brushless to enhance effective performance. The feature also has strong magnets for quiet washing experience. The digital inverter motor is connected via the drum by the belt mechanism to consume less energy.


The feature allows the washing machine to clean two loads simultaneously. The mini washer is located at the top for washing delicate fabric clothes and the main washer in front for washing larger loads.

AI Control

The AI control system enables the users to control the washing machine with their smartphone for better washing experience. The feature also promotes remote troubleshooting in case of errors while washing.

Air Sanitize

This Samsung washing machine comes with a deodorization and sanitization technology to make clothes smell fresh after washing. It uses only heat to eliminate bacterial and unpleasant smells from the clothes. The technological feature helps to save on detergent and water bills.


The washing machine feature helps to generate bubbles that penetrate into the cloth fabrics to remove stubborn and hidden dirt with ease. The powerful performance can also work on permanent stains while at low temperature.

Hygiene Steam

Buildup of dirt in clothes provides a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive. The microorganisms are known to be harmful to humans.

But the powerful steam generated by this Samsung washing machine is effective in removing dirt and bacteria from the cloth fabrics. The steam is usually released from the bottom of the drum.

Bubble Soak

The washing machine function ensures clothes are soaked in the bubbles to loosen stubborn dirt or stains and later remove it. Soaking clothes in active bubbles can remove several types of stains from the fabric to guarantee ultra clean services.

EcoDrum Clean

Samsung washing machines have self-cleaning functions. The feature helps to prevent buildup of bacteria causing unpleasant odor and dirt from the drum.

Besides that, the EcoDrum Clean function notifies the washing machine user about the need to keep the drum clean from the inside.

Smart Diagnosis

The washing machine has advanced features that facilitate automatic error detection for faster troubleshooting solutions. Besides that, it can be controlled through a smartphone application.

These smart check systems help to prevent inconveniences while washing and also additional costs for repair. It will also save your time from unnecessary calls to repair service companies.

Samsung Washer and Dryer Pros


Use strong magnets to enhance quiet washing experience. Making washing experience enjoyable due to lack of nerve wracking noise.

More Color Choices

The washer and dryer come in different colors. This provides wider color options to suit the tastes and preferences for color weenies.

Anti-Allergen Cycle

The washing machine has an anti-allergen cycle to remove 99.9% allergens from the clothes after washing. It is a perfect combo for those individuals with sensitive skin.

Samsung Washer and Dryer Cons


Samsung washing machines are super expensive when compared to LG. It is due to the solid construction design and stable performance.


This washer and dryer is larger than that of LG. Transportation and storage can prove to be challenging for those people living in apartments.

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