How To Use A Cake Breaker? Read These 6 Tips

The uses and importance of a cake breaker need not say newly. On average, it is found in every kitchen because it is one of the most essential kitchen appliances.

Peoples worldwide use this kitchen appliance for slicing and breaking cake. Also, it is used instead of a blade or knife.

Slicing and breaking a whole piece of the cake perfectly by using a cake breaker is an art. But most of the new cake breaker users don’t know how to use a cake breaker to cut the cake. 

That is why cutting cake appropriately using a cake breaker is always a challenging task for a new user. If you have a cake breaker and you are a new user of it, then read this article to learn how to use a cake breaker and how to clean a cake breaker?

Here you will also find some frequently asked questions answer about a cake breaker at the ending part of the article.

How to use a Cake Breaker?

You can use your cake breaker for many tasks, but here I will teach you how to use a cake breaker to cut angel food cake. So, follow the below steps to learn how to use a cake breaker to cut an angel food cake.

Step NO. 1:

Take your cake breaker on hand and clean it perfectly. Then, make it dry by wiping with a dry cloth. If the cake breaker were wet, it would not help to cut the cake appropriately rather it will be broken the cake into small pieces.

Step No.2:

Since the angel food cake is very soft so before touching the cake with your hand, wear gloves on your both hand because finger pressure can sit on the cake.

Step No.3:

Now, take your cake breaker in your right or left hand. Then press the cake breaker into the angel food cake and start to cut the cake carefully by using a gentle back and forth motion. Thus using cake breaker cut the first piece of your angel food cake according to your desired size.

Step No.4:

Carefully cut the whole cake by repeating the way you cut the first piece of your angel food cake. Note; keep every piece of sliced and break cake in a clean food-keeping plate carefully.

Step No.5:

It is the final step, and at this step, you have nothing to do. Enjoy your favorite angel food cake with your near and dear friends and family members.

How to clean a Cake Breaker?

Generally, a cake breaker is made of stainless steel. That is why you should clean it before use and after use. If you don't clean it before using, your cake can be worthless for eating, and if you don't clean it after use, it can be damaged by rust.

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Tips for cleaning a cake breaker

  • At first, take your cake breaker in your one hand. Then wash it thoroughly with light-warm soapy water through your other hand. Then keep it under the freshwater for a minute. After cleaning it, keep it in a safe place in your kitchen by wiping it with a dry cloth.
  • You can clean your cake breaker like the way you clean your all other stainless steel kitchen appliances, but you must dry it after cleaning it; otherwise, it can be damaged by rust.
  • You can also clean your cake breaker with vinegar and lemon. The cleaning result of the cake breaker with vinegar and lemon would be better than cleaning it with soapy water. 

FAQs about Cake Breaker

What is a cake breaker used for?

Generally, a cake breaker is used for slicing and breaking cake. Angel Food Cake is cut with this kitchen appliance. People also can use this kitchen appliance instead of a blade or knife.

What are the cake decorating tools?

There are a lot of cake decorating tools available in the present markets. Below I have enlisted the six most-used cake breaker tools names for you.

  • Cake Board
  • Cake leveler
  • Piping bags
  • Piping tips & Couplers
  • Spatula & Scraper
  • Turntable

What is a cake cutter?

A cake breaker is an essential kitchen appliance. Generally, it is made from stainless steel and comes with a wooden handle. It is used for cutting cakes and also used instead of a blade or knife in the kitchen.

Where can I buy a cake breaker?

You can buy a cake breaker from local markets, retailer shops, or online. I recommend you click this link to buy Angel Food Cake Breaker.

Angel Food Cake Braker

R&M International Angel Food Cake Braker40
  • One stainless steel angel food cake braker
  • Has a wooden handle
  • Press into cake and use gentle back and forth motion to cut cake
  • Hand wash and dry thoroughly before storing

How long are the tines?

The tines are 3.25 inches long. It is long enough for Angel Food Cake.