How to turn on ninja blender | Why won’t it turn on [All Issues Solved]

Maybe you are in hesitation. That is how to turn on your ninja blender? In this case, you are not alone because many people cannot turn on their blender when they use ninja blender for the first time. The same incident happened to me.

In this article, I will give you a complete guideline step by step on the question of how to turn on ninja blender? And Why your ninja blender won’t turn on?

Through there is an instruction set with the product to assemble the blender correctly. But some parts are not explained well in the instructions manual. That is why many people cannot turn on their blender.

How to turn on ninja blender?

  1. At first, assemble the blender correctly following the given instructions.
  2. Connect the blender with an electrical cord.
  3. Cover it up after adding your ingredient correctly.
  4. Specify a speed
  5. You can increase or decrease the speed as you wish.

! Important notice

  • Don't try to abuse the electrical cord.
  • Never try to operate a damaged cord if the cord gets damaged.
  • Never try to put excessive hot ingredients in the blender.
  • Never try to remove the pitcher when the blender is running.
  • Don't try to cut such things that dull the blades.
  • Always clean the blender properly after use.

Fixing a blinking Red Light

For fixing a blinking red light, you have to make sure that the lids are firmly attached to the pitcher, and the pitcher is entirely locked to the motor base.

Without assembling the pitcher and lids correctly, you cannot fix blinking red light. If once you can do it correctly, the power light will set.

To remove away your confusion, watch this YouTube video. 

Why your ninja blender won’t turn on?

Some specific reasons why your blender won't turn on are mentioned in the below.
  1. Maybe there was a mistake in assembling the components correctly. So, reassemble the components following given instructions that come with the product.
  2. After assembling the components, if you saw the blender not turned on yet. Then, you have to check the position of the components and their tightness. Because the incorrect placement of components can be causes of being not turned on of your blenders.
  3. Rechecked your blender's lids lock and its positions. Make sure your blender's lid is firmly attached to the pitcher. Sometimes, the weak connection of lids might be causes of being not turned on of your blender.
  4. If you see the power light is off on the blender. You have to understand that there is a problem with the electrical cord. In this situation, you have to check your electrical cord and make sure it ok. Then, turn on the blender.
Hopefully, if you can check the above facts, your blender will be turned on obviously.
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I have enlisted 20 frequently asked questions and its answer below. So continue your reading.

How to clean your ninja blender?

You can clean your ninja blender in many ways by using different types of dishwashing liquids. For a complete solution of this question’s visit our article: How to Clean Ninja Blender?

How to sharpen a ninja blender’s blades?

To sharpen blades, only you need to know the right way and use of sharpening tools. For everything about sharpening blenders’s blades, visit this article: How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades?

Are ninja blenders expensive?

Ninja blender is not expensive. It is always within your purchasing power.

Can I use a ninja blender to grate cheese?

Why not! You can use a ninja blender to grate cheese without any hesitation.

Can I use hot liquids in ninja blenders?

Yes! You can use hot liquids in ninja blenders, but don’t try to use excessively hot water because it could be harmful to your blender container.

Is ninja blender dishwasher safe?

Every part of the ninja blender is not dishwasher safe. Though its Container, lids, handle, are dishwasher safe, but its motor, base, blades are not dishwasher safe.

What is ninja warranty on their blenders?

Obviously, ninja blenders have a warranty, but it depends on the blender's models.

Can ninja cups go in the freezer?

Yes, obviously. Both the ninja blender’s jar and lids are freezer safe.

Can I make Nut butter with Ninja blender?

Yes! It can make nut butter nicely. Vitamix, Ninja Mega blender, and Ninja Chef are the most recommended models for making nut butter. These models have great bestselling, customer reviews, and ratings on the market.

Can I crush ice with Ninja blender?

Ice crushing depends on the model of the blender. Because, all types of models are not designed to crush ice.
Full-size models can crush ice nicely. Because, that models has especial ice crushing blades.
On the other hand, single-serving models are not designed for ice crushing. However, you can grind ice by adding liquids.

Do ninja blenders leak?

Usually, there is no chance to leak or spill. But for overfilling the pitcher, it may cause the risk of leaking.

Do ninja blenders have an exact fill line?

Yes, Nina blenders have an exact fill line.

Are ninja blenders noisy?

Yes, it can be noisy, but it is tolerable.

Can I make flour with ninja blenders?

Yes, you can make flour with ninja blenders without any trouble.

Are ninja blender attachments interchangeable?


Where to buy ninja blenders?

Ninja blenders are widely available across the world. If you want to buy a ninja blender, I recommend you buy it from Amazon. Blenders of the different models are available here.

Which ninja blender is best for smoothies?

Low-price BL 660 and mid-price BL 642 are the best models for smoothies.

Can I Grind nuts, coffee beans or seeds with ninja blenders?

Yes, you can grind nuts, coffee beans, or seeds with ninja blenders without any obstruction.

How long do a ninja blender last?

It ultimately depends on your way of using it.

Generally, a ninja blender comes with a one-year warranty, but if you can use it properly, it will last for several years.

If you are interested in buying a brand-new blender, my recommendation is for you, buy it on Amazon. I have already purchased a brand-new ninja blender for mine from Amazon, and I have no complaints.

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